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isms end schisms

η ζωή, το σύμπαν & τα πάντα με δανεική ψηφιακή

Κόψτε τα δέντρα

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
που μας φουσκώνουν τα λιγοστά εναπομείναντα πεζοδρόμια.

These are some serious times that we're living in (:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008
According to Genesis, Cain (McCain) and Abel (Able) were the first and second sons of Adam and Eve, born after the Fall of Man. Their story is told in Genesis 4:1-16, the Qur'an at 5:26-32, and Moses 5:16-41. In all versions, Cain, a farmer, commits the first murder by killing his brother Abel, a shepherd, after God rejects Cain's sacrifice but accepts Abel's.

Able & Unable (McCan't)

Words by Preachers of past and present times:

‘And although it seems heaven sent
We ain't ready, to see a black President, uhh’
/ 2Pac 17:36

Tupac Amaru Shakur
On the Album of ‘Greatest Hits’ : Death Row Records © 1998:
Hymn Sample used:’The Way It Is’ by Bruce Hornsby and the Range


This is for the ones that do it
This is for the ones that tell
This is for the ones that’s scared
White mans heaven is a black mans hell / Chuck D 09:01

Black history - white lie
Black athletes - white agents
Black preacher - white Jesus
Black drug dealer - white government
Black entertainers - white lawyers
Black Monday - white Christmas
Black success story - white wife
Black police - white judge
Black business - white accountants
Black record co - white distribution
Black comedians - white media
Black politicians - white president
Black genocide - white world order
/ Chuck D 09:12

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (Chuck D/Public Enemy)
On the Album of ‘Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age’ © 1994


White men in suits don't have to jump
Still a thousand and one ways to lose with his shoes
God takes care of old folks and fools
while the devil takes care of makin all the rules
Folks don't even own themselves
payin mental rent, to corporate presidents / Chuck D 02:37

It's time we stop, children what's that sound?
Everybody look what's goin, down / Stephen Arthur Stills

On the Album of ‘He Got Game’ © 1998:
Hymn Sample used:’ For What It's Worth ’ by Stephen Arthur Stills